Cheesecake Filled Easter Eggs

Rebecca Butler

Cheesecake Filled Easter Eggs

Easter egg meets cheesecake in this outrageously decadent dessert.

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This would make the perfect Easter Day dessert but would also be brilliant if you have leftover Easter Eggs.

This Easter Egg cheesecake is also totally no-bake and the filling can be made in a single bowl.

Ingredients that you will need:

  • 60g Digestive Bicuits - crushed
  • 45g Unsalted Butter - melted
  • 250g Full Fat Mascarpone or Cream Cheese - a lighter version could result in your mixture not setting properly
  • 120g Double cream
  • 80g Icing sugar - sifted
  • 1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
  • Easter Eggs - halved
  • A bag or Mini Eggs - crushed

Here's what you have to do:

Step One

Mix together the digestive biscuit crumbs and melted butter.

Step Two

Tip onto a lined baking tray and chill for 15 minutes - I used a loaf tin with a liner and it worked perfectly

Step Three

While the biscuit and butter mixture is chilling, beat together the mascarpone, vanilla extract and icing sugar until smooth.

Step Four

Pour in the double cream and mix until fully combined and set to one side. The cheesecake filling should be the consistency of double cream that's been whipped to soft peaks (or firmer) to set properly.

Before you start this step, make sure that the mascarpone/vanilla/icing sugar mixture is quite thick. If it's runny then you will need to whip the cream to soft peaks before adding to the mixture.

Step Five

Carefully halve your Easter Eggs. Don't be too enthusiastic as it can cause the egg to crack in the wrong places. Instead, run a sharp, warmed knife along the seamline, patiently scoring around and around until it naturally falls in half.

Step Six

Remove the chilled biscuit from the fridge and crush into small crumbs. Add a heaped tablespoon (or a little more if you like the biscuit base) to each Easter egg half. Press gently with your thumbs to compress the biscuit, taking care not to break the egg.

Step Seven

Top with the cheesecake mixture.

Step Eight

Sprinkle on some of the crushed mini eggs.

Allow the Cheesecake filled Easter Eggs to set in the fridge for a couple of hour, or overnight if making ahead. These will keep for 3 days in the fridge but are best served straight away.


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