Compton Verney Spectacle of Light 2023

Rebecca Butler

Compton Verney Spectacle of Light 2023

Discover the night-time wonder of Compton Verney through a wonderful Spectacle of Light and sound.

We were very kindly invited to Compton Verney, for their Spectacle of Light.

To be clear, our trip was gifted but there was no expectation for us to do a review.

The Spectacle of Light is a beautiful illuminated trail that takes you through the woodland, across the bridge over the lake and onto the lawns of Compton Verney.

This is the second year that Compton Verney has hosted the event and this year there are new installations. It is a continuous experience with four entry time slots each evening from 5.45pm onwards.

It is a beautiful illuminated trail that winds around the parkland. The lights can be seen from the road approaching the main entrance and has you oohing and ahhing before you've even entered.

We went at the 6.30pm time slot and drove straight in to the car park. There were lots of staff on the car park directing people to available parking spaces. Everything was very well organised and was running very smoothly.

The walk is a one way system around so you don’t miss anything or take a wrong turn.

Before you start the walk there is a food truck selling hot drinks. This is the only place to get one before the main food area over the bridge by the main house so if you want one to walk around with then make sure you pick one up from here. Our children were too excited to start the walk so we didn’t have chance to grab anything.

The first part of the walk brings you to a sea of multi coloured umbrellas by the willow tree arches.

You then move on to twinkling disco balls created by lasers. There’s a great photo opportunity with a giant star as the backdrop and a twinkling arched walkway.

As you walk around you catch a glimpse of the amazing main house all illuminated, across the lake. The reflections in the still lake are just incredible. It’s almost like there’s a mirror.

Further along, just before you cross the bridge, there’s a great photo opportunity with a frame to stand in with the house as the background.

We stood on the bridge for quite a while looking at the whole spectacle from every different angle. It was truly breathtaking and quite unbelievable.

On the lawns over bridge there are multi coloured Ziggurat and Crocus, dancing and changing colour. We watched them for a while as they changed colour to music.

Our favourite part was the kaleidoscope curtain at the end. The children spent ages running through the strings as they changed colour.

At the end of the walk there is Digbeth Dining Club with some great food offerings and a bar inside. Each week there are different food vendors.

The walk took us about an hour to go around at a leisurely pace.

We had a great time and would definitely recommend for a fun evening out. It isn’t cheap but for a treat then it’s lovely.

It is on every Thursday to Sunday until the 5th March 2023.

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