Confetti Fields - Wick Pershore

Rebecca Butler

Confetti Fields - Wick Pershore

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Yesterday, we’ve been for our annual visit to the beautiful confetti fields in Wick, Pershore. It’s our 4th year of going so the places holds some lovely memories for us.  

The field is only open for 10 days a year and is open until Sunday 16th August.   This year the event is a little later than previous years due to Covid 19 and is ticket only.  

When the tickets were real eased at the end of last week there was a mad rush from everyone to buy tickets. The website just couldn’t handle the traffic to the page and crashed continuously. We stick with it and managed to bag ourselves tickets.   All tickets are £5 each and children 5 and under are FREE.

There are still tickets available on their Website if you fancy visiting.

You CANNOT buy tickets on the day. Tickets are on sale until 6am the day BEFORE the entry day. So, if you want to visit on Saturday 15th August, for example, then tickets are on sale until 6am on Friday 14th August. You have to choose a time slot with which to arrive in.  

The Pre booking system in practice worked brilliantly and we really hope that’s it’s something that they will adopt going forward for future years. They just need to get a better server that can handle the demand. The only downside to pre booking is the weather - you can’t be 100% sure what the weather is going to be like.

On arrival we were greeted by a really friendly upbeat chap who talked through all the social distancing measures in place on the field. We were then directed down a numbered aisle to the next person who checked us in.   We were worried as we were arriving separately and it states in their terms that you must arrive in the same car or buy your own tickets. Thankfully, it was absolutely fine and they just ticked us off as we arrived.  

If you’ve been in previous years then you’ll know that getting into the field normally involved a queue of traffic right out onto the main road. This was absolutely not the case this year. We drove straight into the fields without any hassle.  

This years flowers aren’t as tall as previous years because the whole field has to be replanted. It was still just as stunning and didn’t detract from their beauty. They have also planted lots of native wildflowers which attract bees, butterflies and pollinating insects and a rather impressive array of sunflowers.

Social distancing in the field was very easy and most people were considerate. There’s enough room to move across when needed.   There is a small cafe open that’s serving take away - the usual things like drinks and individually wrapped cakes. All were pretty reasonably priced. I’ve cream should have been on offer but they’d run out of stock. This is the only disappointment of the day.

The staff were protected by a Perspex screen.   They have set up a couple of gazebos that you can sit under to get some shade or there were straw bales dotted all around the fields that were a great addition this year. They were perfect to sit down on for a little rest and they were also a great photo opportunity.   This year you weren’t able to purchases bunches of delphiniums, instead they had sunflower stems to buy. They were £3 each or 4 for £10.

There are portaloos in the car park which were being thoroughly cleaned when we arrived. There was also a gazebo set up as a baby changing area.   The whole field is pushchair and wheelchair friendly but can be bumpy in places.   We had a really great time. We loved the better organisation and all staff that we spoke to were so friendly.   All in all it was a great afternoon. We hope that they stick to this plan next year.

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