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FairyTale Farm

Fairytales, Animals and Adventure Play

Yesterday we were kindly invited to Fairytale Farm in Oxfordshire.

We went a couple of years ago and the children loved it so we were looking forward to seeing the new playground that has just opened and any new additions.

From Stratford upon Avon it took us just over 30 minutes. It was easy to find. Look out for the brown signs as you approach.

When we arrived the car park was super busy with the over flow car park also full so we were directed to the hotel car park which is next door on the same site.

The entrance building is a big portakabin at the end of the car park. We were welcomed by friendly staff who talked us through the activities happening throughout the day.

One thing to note, which we were luckily told by the staff member who greeted us is that the only toilets on site are in the entrance building. Make sure little ones go before embarking on the day as it’s a long walk from the animals back to the entrance building.

The first bit we went to was ‘Mouse Town.’ It’s an indoor miniature mouse village with real mice living inside the little buildings.

Then it was on to ‘The Giant Rabbit Burrow.’ It’s simply a poly tunnel leading to a little house with a play kitchen and a little table and chairs in. Pre schoolers and younger children would absolutely love it but was a bit lost on my two.

The next bit is ‘The Enchanted Walk.’ It’s a sensory experience with lots of things to see, smell, hear and touch to interact with. The giant mermaid that sang was a bit weird, I have to say so we bypassed her. Lots of it was educational and we read some facts as we walked round.

Then it was on to the brand new ‘Fairy Dell.’ It’s an immersive play area built by the same people that have built the new play area at Blenheim Palace.

‘The Fairy Dell’ is a unique design that fits perfectly with the fairytale theme.

Inside there are giant mushrooms, toadstools, raised walkways, bridges, and crawl tunnels. The boys loved playing hide and seek.

The new ‘Fairy Dell’ is all included in your admission ticket so there are no added extras to be able to play.

The whole farm is developing and this is a brilliant addition. Some areas are looking quite tired and in need of a revamp.

After prizing the boys off the play equipment,  it was on to ‘Dino Alley.’ This area is still under development but there are a couple of dinosaurs to see (look out for the huge green dinosaur) and a dino digging area.

We then walked onto the original outdoor play area - ‘Huff and Puff Adventure Playground.’ This has a castle climbing frame with slides and bridges to cross and a combine harvester to climb on and play in. There’s also a swing for wheelchair users - but you have to walk all the way back to the ticket office to get a key to be able to use it.

There are loads of picnic benches so it’s the perfect place to take a picnic.

Next was on to ‘The Animal Zone’ to see a whole host of different animals. We bought some food for all the different animals as we arrived which was 75p a bag. In all honesty the animals weren’t bothered by the food at all and some were difficult to feed because of high fences.

There is a cafe ‘The Beanstalk Cafe,’ on site which we grabbed some lunch from. There was a good selection of food on offer.

There is a small indoor play area just across from one of eating areas for the cafe. Perfect for adults to have a cuppa and still be able to watch their children.

This week a special event is running - ‘Once Upon a Unicorn and Dragons.’ There’s puppet shows, a craft tent, an activity trail and dance classes. Little ones are also able to meet and have a photo taken with the Unicorn Queen.

Fairytale Farm has been thoughtfully designed and really is accessible for everyone. There were lots of wheelchair users visiting which proves everyone is able to enjoy what is on offer.

I’d say it is suitable for children up to about the age of 7, and for all abilities. My two were a little old but really enjoyed the new adventure playground.

The facilities were adequate and clean. There was baby change and disabled toilets available. The only thing I would say is they could do with some toilets up by the farm and outdoor play area. It’s quite a walk back to the toilets with little ones in tow.

Fairytale Farm kindly gifted us tickets to visit. They have no involvement in the review written and all photos and opinions are my own.

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Fairytale Farm
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