Park Life by Onside Coaching (Daventry District Council)

Rebecca Butler

Park Life by Onside Coaching (Daventry District Council)

Get active in your local park

Onside Coaching East Warwickshire has partnered up with Daventry District Council to create a fun, active trail around Daventry Country Park with the aim to get children outside and socialising with their friends (abiding by the rule of 6 or two families rule.)

The Park Life campaign, includes 7 QR codes, which when scanned, will take you to a challenge video.

Most smart phones do not require any special apps to scan QR codes. Just open your camera app and point at the code and a link should automatically appear.

The challenges will test children's skills in Forest School, Agility, Balance and Fitness.

Park Life is completely FREE and will hopefully reinvigorate the idea of going on another walk!

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Daventry Country Park
Reservoir Cottage
Northern Way
NN11 2JB

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