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Parrott Prints

Original handprinted linocut art; each print is unique.

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Finding a little chink of time to be creative makes me feel very happy and I love everything about the process of linocut printing.

I do lots of daydreaming and sketching before I carve into a piece of linoleum with tiny tools, ink it up with a roller and then create a relief print onto paper or fabric. 

If you see a print you like but would prefer it in different colours then please contact me and I will make a bespoke print for you, at no extra cost; It’s always fun to make and see something in a new colourway.

I like to add gold and silver gilding to some pictures, as it creates an interesting dimension and they have a certain glinty magic on candlelit evenings. 

Some of my pieces are printed on silk and I also enjoy getting the sewing machine out to add other bits of fabric to them. I use handmade Japanese paper which maintains a caring and nurturing focus on the environment.

I frame all of my prints and I’m happy to post them out to you or for you to collect, from my home, in Stratford upon Avon. 

Pictures range from £25 - £40 and a bespoke piece will take a couple of weeks as the ink needs time to dry. 

Please have a little look at my pictures on Facebook page or Instagram page and message me if you would like one.

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