Roman Field Wood - Barton

Rebecca Butler

Roman Field Wood - Barton

Exlporing the Woods

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So last weekend took us and our dog, Audrey, to Dorsington’s The Heart of England Forest, as recommended by my Father-in-Law. We arrived to a pretty full car park but everybody was very respectful and kept their distance as we got ourselves, 2 children and the dog out of the car. 

We made a little error by starting at the exit but it didn’t matter one bit as it’s all the same walk. 

It takes you along the River Avon, through open fields and wooded areas. There’s plenty of benches along the walk so perfect if you’ve got little ones with you and you need regular breaks. 

A few things to point out: 

You have to cross a couple of roads to complete your walk through the wooded areas. There are lots (and I mean lots!) of stinging nettles lining the walk but the paths are very well cleared so as long as you keep little ones to the path you’ll be fine.

This walk isn’t buggy friendly as there’s a few gates you have to either open or climb over.

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Roman Field Wood

Stratford upon Avon

CV37 8BA

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