The Enchanted Treasure Trail - Magic Alley Stratford upon Avon

Rebecca Butler

The Enchanted Treasure Trail - Magic Alley Stratford upon Avon

A magical world in the centre of Stratford upon Avon

Over the weekend we booked to go to Magic Alley to have a go at their Enchanted Treasure Trail. 

When we arrived the lovely events manager, Sam, offered to gift us our visit if we fancied doing a review for you all in return. To be clear, our trip was gifted but we were going anyway. 

The start of the trail

We were taken in to the first area where everything we needed to know to complete the trail was explained to us. The lady was so passionate and engaged with the boys brilliantly and didn’t mind at all that they were super excited and didn’t stop talking and asking questions. 

There’s so much to see and do on the trail that I was worried that we’d forget to do something. We had to look out for QR codes, a little wooden star, coloured gems on the wall, posters with clues and a treasure chest where we had to collect a golden coin from in each room. We were then let loose with our trail sheets, treasure bag and UV torch.

The quill moving on it's own gave the boys much amusement and that was before we'd even started.

My youngest, who is 4, was given the task of looking our for the wooden stars. He then had to shine his special torch on to it for a symbol to ‘magically’ appear.

My eldest, who is 6, was given the task of reading the posters to answer the questions on the sheet. The answers were easy to work out but it was a good excuse for me to get him to practise his reading and comprehension without him realising. Sneaky Mummy!

The QR codes needed to be scanned via the camera app on our phone where people were saying riddles that we needed to work out the answers to. This one was left to us adults as the boys were too busy looking around at everything and exploring the rooms.

We also had to hunt the rooms for the hidden gems. These corresponded to a letter and we had an anagram at the end to work out. We got a tiny bit stumped on this one as we got one letter wrong! We blame the lighting in the rooms.

Each room had a different theme. The rooms were decorated beautifully. There were lots of oohs and ahhs. 

Our favourite rooms were, the dragon room and the ball pit room at the end. We also loved the magic little jingle that played as we entered the unicorn room. 

Partway round we were greeted by a very forgetful pirate who told us some jokes and helped us with the clues in the room. She was great and interacted with the boys brilliantly.

The whole trail took about an hour to complete. You have your own family time slot so no one else is in the same rooms at the same time as you are. We were just advised to wait if someone hadn’t quite finished in the room ahead. Everyone was very considerate and we didn't see anyone until near the end.

We had to drag the boys out of the ball pit room at the end. They had so much fun but they would have caused a bit of a traffic jam otherwise. 

We each got a certificate on completion (even the grown ups) and the boys got a prize. 

The trail is £7 each without entertainers and £8 with entertainers. Everyone who goes will need a ticket but babes in arms up to 1 aren’t charged when accompanying older children.

The trail is running until the middle of September and is well worth a visit. A lot of thought and planning has gone in to it. We can't wait to see their Christmas offering.

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Magic Alley
Bell Court
Stratford upon Avon
CV37 6EX

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