The Magical Fairytale Trail - Magic Alley Stratford upon Avon

Rebecca Butler

The Magical Fairytale Trail - Magic Alley Stratford upon Avon

Enter a magical world of fairy tales and complete the magical quest

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A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Head of Events from Magic Alley in Stratford upon Avon, invited us along to give their new Magical Fairytale Trail a go.

To be clear, our trip was gifted in return for us doing a little review for you all.

Starting the Trail

When we arrived we were greeted by the wonderful Barry who explained the trail to us and told us what we needed to do to complete it. He is the most passionate person and our children really love his energy.

The trail is fully interactive. You have a whole booklet to complete with lots of different tasks in each room. There were letters to find to complete an anagram at the end, posters with riddles to works out, spots the difference tasks, cipher codes to crack and lots more.

The whole trail is based around a fairytale that has been written especially for this event.

The younger two had a competition between themselves to see who could find the letter in each room first. My older one read all the riddles and then they worked out the answers between them.

Each room had a different theme and we're all cleverly decorated.

Our favourite room was the ball pit room. The room also had some challenge games to play against each other which went down very well.

We also loved the room with the colouring table. I was not expecting the children to be bothered by it at all but they all sat and coloured Knight's Shields for a good 15 minutes.

At the end of the trail, in the final room, we were greeted by a very friendly Knight who treated the children to a session a Knight's School. They learned to fight like a Knight and learned how to battle with their (foam) sword. At the end they were all Knighted and because Sirs and Lady. The Knight was brilliant with them and kept them fully engaged. They all took it very seriously.

The whole trail took us just over an hour to complete. Each family bubble has their own time slot. This means that you are the only people in each room while you're going around. At the start we were just advised to wait before entering the next room if the people in front hadn't quite finished. Luckily everyone stuck to the rules and was aware when people were waiting so finished up and kept it all flowing.

The trail is £8 each. The trail is recommended for children and adults aged 6+.  Everyone who goes will need a ticket. .

There is a special Easter Edition of the trail running through the Easter holidays (9th April until the 24th April) which includes an egg hunt through the forest. There will be entertainers everyday through the Easter holidays too.
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