Too Good to Go

Rebecca Butler

Too Good to Go

Amazing food wastage app

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Every day, huge amounts of food are thrown away as restaurants, stores and supermarkets get rid of food that's about to go out of date.

The Too Good to Go app is trying to combat this.

They have teamed up with restaurants, stores and supermarkets so that food that is still perfectly edible isn't just thrown away at the end of the day. The establishments lets Too Good to Go know how many Magic Bags they have and then you can buy one for a big discount. By saving saving that food from ending up in landfill, you are preventing the CO2e released when it decomposes.

They are called Magic Bags as you won't know what you are getting until you collect. Because you have no say in what you get, it isn't suitable for all dietary needs.

This week we got a Magic Bag from MOR Bakery for £3;

and one from The Farm for £3.50.

Both had over £10 worth of lovely food in them.

You pay via the app using a card, PayPal or Apple Pay and you then must collect your food during a specific time slot. When you arrive in store you have to got to the till or customer services and show your receipt on your phone. You then have to swipe across to confirm you've received your Magic Bag.

We love the idea and concept of Too Good to Go in cutting food waste as well as cutting costs.

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