Warwick Boats

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Warwick Boats

Row, row, row your boat....or peddle!

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Yesterday we took a trip on the river in Warwick. We hired a pedalo from Warwick Boats which is located on the edge of St Nicholas’ Park at the boat house by the bridge.

There was a range of boats that we could hire including pedalos, electric motor boats, traditional rowing boats, canoes and kayaks. We opted for the pedals as the boys were desperate to go on a pink flamingo.

At the moment you have to pre book online via their website - www.warwickboats.co.uk. The booking process was super easy and straightforward. There were lots of time slots to choose from and payment was taken on booking. We did see people turn up who were advised to go online in the queue to book and pay for a slot. There was still plenty of availability on the day and yesterday was beautiful weather and very busy in the park.

On arrival there was social distancing markers on the floor for the queue which everyone seemed to be sticking to. We just had to check in with our booking reference number and sign a document. There was a tub with new pens in and then we had to place our used pen in a separate tub. All very simple. Make sure you remember your ID if you book a motor boat or anything with power.

We were asked to fit the boys with life jackets which they gave to us and we were asked if we could swim. All children under 11 have to wear a buoyancy aid regardless of whether they can swim or not.

We then got to choose which pedalo we wanted. The bright pink flamingo was available much to the boy’s delight. Everything was non contact. The girl stood back as we got in to the pedalo and the same when we got out.

All of the boats and pedalos were being cleaned down and sanitised between each use and social distancing was being adhered to. We had to leave used life jackets on a hanger so I’m guessing they were being sanitised between uses too.

All the prices, hire availability and opening times can be found on their website. We paid £18 for half an hour hire for 2 adults and 2 children. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be long enough but my husband tells me that it most definitely was as he was doing all the pedalling. The boys had a go but their legs weren’t quite long enough. They loved steering though.

It was such a lovely way to see more of Warwick. The view of Warwick Castle from the pedalo was truly stunning. We would definitely recommend doing it if you haven’t already.

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St. Nicholas Park
CV34 4QY

Parking:  Use St. Nicholas Park - 3 minute walk across the park to River.

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