Zog and the Quest for the Golden Star at Warwick Castle

Rebecca Butler

Zog and the Quest for the Golden Star at Warwick Castle

An exciting new interactive trail starring Zog

Last week we had an amazing day out and joined Madam Dragon's school at Warwick Castle as part of the new Zog Trail - Zog and the Quest for the Golden Star.

We took advantage of the Parent and Toddler offer that they are running. On weekdays one parent and a toddler (under 5) can visit for just £12. The offer isn't valid through school holidays. You have to buy your tickets in advance online.

We are massive fans of the Zog books so couldn't wait to go and try the trail out.

The trail has five stops that take you walking all around the beautiful castle grounds.

When we arrived, the children were given a card that they had to stamp once they had completed each one of Zog's five years at dragon school. At each year stop there was a new activity to try.

Year 1 - Dragons Learn to Fly

The first task was to capture a photo with Zog as he learns to fly.

We successfully managed to do that one so stamped our cards.

Year 2 - Dragons Learn to Roar

This one was an interactive task and we had so much fun jumping and stamping on the foot pads to make each dragon Rooooar! We worked out that the harder we jumped and stamped, the louder the dragons would roar.

Year 3 - Dragons Learn to Breathe Fire

This was another fun interactive activity with more jumping and stamping on the foot pads. This time we were squirting water to help put the fire out on Zog's wing after another dragon has set it alight while learning to breathe fire. Every so often there were little puffs of smoke as we successfully put the fire out.

After completing Year 3, it was time to head into the main castle grounds on the hunt for Year 4.

We stepped through the archway and into the inner court.

The whole grass area in the inner court is set up with picnic tables and festoon lights. At the weekend the area turns into 'The Open Arms' which is part of the wonderful Digbeth Dining Club.

Year 4 - Dragons Learn how to Capture a Princess

Year 4 was across the river bridge in the grounds by the Trebuchet. Once we got across the bridge we were greeted by Princess Pearl.

We had lots of fun completing the obstacle course over and over again. There's an accessible route around the edge of the course as well another that had the children (and lots of grown ups) hopping and balancing on logs and beams.

They must have raced around the course at least 20 times. This was the busiest area on the whole trail but we stuck around until there was a lull and had the course to ourselves at one point. Princess Pearl was cheering them on in between greeting all the children.

After lots of practise we headed back across the bridge on the hunt for the final stop on the trail - Year 5.

Year 5 - Dragons Learn to Fight

Now it was time for Sir Gadabout's Knight School where the dragons learn to fight. The sessions are at timed intervals throughout the day.

We felt really sorry for Sir Gadabout as our two took a bit of a shine to him and kept going over to talk to him. He was so patient and chatted happily to them.

Sir Gadabout did a little interactive session with the children and did some sword skills.

After learning to fight the quest was complete and all the children were awarded with their very own Golden Star.

They were now fully fledged dragons.

Top Tip

To take part, children will need a sword. There is a shop right next to the area selling swords but our top tip is to take your own with you. We found some in Poundland so took those along with us. The ones in the shop ranged from £7.50 to £13.50, I think. We even saw someone using a long twig which was a brilliant idea. You could have a go at making your own. There are loads of tutorials and step by step guides online.

Meeting Zog

This was the bit that we were all looking forward to. I'm not sure who was more excited - the children or us. We even managed to grab Princess Pearl and Sir Gadabout as they were passing by for a group shot. Think we were just lucky with our timings.

The Meet and Greet sessions are at timed intervals throughout the day.

The Falconer's Quest - Birds of Prey Show

Warwick Castle is home to a large and rather stunning collection of Birds of Prey. The shows are daily at 12.30pm and 3.30pm

In the past, they have flown the birds on the lawn where Sir Gadabout was teaching sword skills but this year they have moved down to the Riverside Arena.

It's a stunning setting right on the water and adds to the excitement of the show.

The quest tells a story of a man named Hobby who wants to be Warwick Castle’s falconer. He wants to bring wild birds back to the Castle.

The whole story plays over loud speakers, whilst the bird handlers move around. They are positioned in different places around the audience and stage to try and ensure that everyone gets a glimpse of the birds and a good view. If you are sat in the main audience then it is pretty amazing as the birds swoop right over your heads. We could feel the breeze from their wings as they were so low.

We got caught in a torrential storm but the performers carried on as if nothing was happening. We managed to shelter under a tree so that we could watch the end of the show.

Open Space

After watching The Falconer's Quest show, we headed to find somewhere for lunch. We took a packed lunch with us as we weren't sure what we would be able to get for lunch.

We didn't go inside the castle at all so I'm not sure what, if anything, was available in there but the Conservatory was open and selling take away food and drinks and there was a food cart in the Inner Court area that was selling snacks and drinks.

We went to see the peacocks by the Conservatory who were having a stand off with each other and make a right racket.

Exploring Guy's Tower

Our two wanted to climb to the top of the Guy's Tower so Kate was volunteered to climb up with them. There is no way that my legs would have made it as there are a lot of steps. The tower is accessed by stone spiral staircases.

I stayed with the pushchair and gave them a wave when they got to the top.

The area is really secure with metal railings all around. It didn't feel vulnerable at all but obviously keep an eye on younger ones. If you have younger ones then I'd advise taking a carrier.

Covid Measures

Upon arrival we had our temperature checked before we were allowed in.

There are hand sanitising stations dotted around the grounds. There is one next to each stamping area.

The character meets are all done at a social distance. It didn't detract from the experience at all.

Remember your face mask and check in on the NHS Track and Trace App.


Toilets are open and are cleaned regularly.


Parking is available in the Warwick Castle car parks. Click here for more information.

Our Verdict

We had the best day. We loved the interactive nature of the trail. The Adult and Toddler ticket is an absolute bargain. We will definitely be going back before it finishes in September.
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