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Children’s disco parties for Ages 5+

You have just entered the future of children's entertainment!

Glo-Kids is a brand new concept that cannot be found anywhere else in the UK. We are based in Warwickshire and are a family run business. We have been working in the entertainment sector for 20 years and have taken the idea of traditional sports and games and added a futuristic look and feel.

Why are we different?

The lights go down and the fun really does start! We at Glo-Ball have designed our own unique style of clothing incorporating EL wire within a breathable yet durable material. This enables each participant to quite literally 'glow' during our vast selection of games, challenges and dances. With brightly lit clothing, glowing balls, evocative, dramatic music playing and an arena lit by LED lighting we aim to provide a thrilling multi-sensory experience like no other currently on the market.

This really is the future of children's entertainment! The good news... It is all brought DIRECTLY TO YOU! All you need to do is find a venue and we will come and do the rest.

With innovation at the forefront of our minds - creating a brighter future - we offer a diverse range of activities for children of all ages.
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Lights go down. Fun starts!
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