Happy National Play Day 2020

Rebecca Butler

Happy National Play Day 2020

Make your own adventures

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Happy National Play Day 2020 from our tribe.

Play Day is the national day for play in the UK and is traditionally held on the first Wednesday in August.

In 'normal' times, thousands of children and their families would be getting out and playing at community events across the UK.

However, 2020 is not a 'normal' year so the focus today is on making your own adventures and playing at home.

We're all about making play out of nothing. It doesn't have to cost a lot nor does it have to be a fancy set up.

Some of our favourite days are spent at home playing, building dens in the woods, going on nature scavenger hunts and jumping in muddy puddles. All free fun.

Here are a few of our ideas;

  • Bubbles in the garden - endless amounts of fun and all you need is washing up liquid and water. To make your own wand, all you need is a plastic bottle. Cut the bottom off the bottle and use the lid end of the bottle to blow your bubbles. Dip in the solution and blow away. You could also try bubble snakes by wrapping a sock over the end of the bottle.
  • Arts and Crafts - We always stock up on rolls of backing paper from the DIY aisle in Poundland. They're great for painting on. You could even have a go at making your own paint. There are loads of recipes online.

  • Play Doh - A tray set up with all sorts of bits and bobs out of your cupboards gives great open ended play. Here's the blog post that we wrote with a Play Doh recipe and ideas of things to put on your tray.
  • Sensory Play - Sensory play with infants is all about providing safe and fun activities that stimulate a child's senses and allows them to learn how to respond to different sensory information.
The most important thing is to play, have fun and make memories in the process. What's not to love?
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We really hope you're enjoying the content we've shared and you've managed to find some little 'adventure gems' along the way.
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