Red Hot Mamma Pizzeria - Leamington Spa

Rebecca Butler

Red Hot Mamma Pizzeria - Leamington Spa

Authentic Italian Pizzeria in a beach hut in the middle of Leamington Spa.

Today we went out for our first meal out since Covid restrictions have been lifted slightly. We were a little apprehensive but also really excited. We've really missed eating out.

Red Hot Mamma is an independent Authentic Italian Pizzeria in the centre of Leamington Spa. The outside is very unassuming and could be easily missed.

When you walk down the side you enter a wonderful terrace area where they have cleverly transformed their outdoor seating space into a cool and quirky area with individual covered beach huts. They are bright and funky and so beautifully decorated. Each beach hut has a completely different decor.

The best bit is that they're all heated so perfect for British Summers. There's also a fan if days are warmer.

The menus are all displayed on the wall in the beach hut. You can either order with a member of staff or via Deliveroo selecting 'Table Service.'

We ordered with a member of staff as we wanted to change something on one of our pizzas and wanted to check that it was done right. You never know if the information translates correctly via an app.

The pizzas arrived really quickly - we only waited about 15/20 minutes which is perfect when eating with children who haven't been out for a meal in a while.

When they arrived we couldn't believe our eyes. They looked and smelled amazing. We couldn't wait to tuck in.

I'm not sure what size the pizzas would be classed as but they are generous and very filling.

The pizzas were absolutely delicious. We couldn't fault them at all. We've eaten a lot of pizzas but these are up there with the best.

At the moment you can only book a table for a one hour time slot due to Covid restrictions. Hopefully this will ease when restrictions are lifted again.

We’ve not been to Naples, but if the pizza is that good then we're going. Until then, we've got Red Hot Mamma to keep us going.
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Red Hot Mamma Pizzeria
108 Regent Street
Leamington Spa
CV32 4NR

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